What do I do if I don’t have a U.S. phone number?

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Team Waffle
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These questions & answers are for renters Insurance policies purchased after January 2023. For all questions related to renters insurance policies purchased before that time, please reach out to support@waffleinsurance.com.

If you're an international customer without a U.S. phone number, you can use the phone number of your apartment complex, leasing office, or property management company when purchasing a policy.

However, please make sure to update your phone number as soon as you have a U.S. number!

To update it, log into the Assurant portal where you can update your phone number.

Keep in mind that when you purchase renters insurance through Waffle, you will need to create an account with Assurant for additional updates to your policy.

Be sure to check your email for instructions from Assurant. If you cannot find it & have issues accessing Assurant's portal, please reach out to us at support@waffleinsurance.com!

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